Yus Care?Safe, healthy and all-natural solutions for your skin and hair

Our Products

Botanical and essential oils have been used around the world for thousands of years as an all-natural way to moisturize, revitalize, and heal one's skin and hair. Long before fancy lotions, expensive cosmetic creams, and chemical-based concoctions, people relied on the natural therapeutic power of these highly penetrative and nutrient-rich oils.

Yus Care? Series Products represents a convergence of the old and new worlds... of nature and science... as our mission is to source these amazing natural oils from around the world and apply modern science to improve upon what Mother Nature has already given us.

Our products have been developed after years of research, where we studied the biological and physiological properties of hair and skin as well as the organic composition of botanical and essential oils. We also conducted research on how these oils could be optimized for the day-to-day care of skin and hair, and how the oil's properties could be improved to make them more agreeable for today's discerning users.

In our research, we discovered that by using a proprietary process to blend and filter the oils, we were able to create oil blends that not only were far more effective, but also more stable, lasting and luxurious feeling. Think of our oil blends as natural "cocktails" specifically formulated for your skin and hair. Our camellia line is our flagship and most popular product line, and we will be introducing myriad new products in the near future.

We are extremely proud of our products, and we stand by them with money-back guarantee. We look forward to sharing Yus Care? Series with you today so that you may begin benefiting from this safe, healthy and all-natural solution for your skin and hair.